— One a Day

1st chunk of my challenge to film one second of each day.

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A video portrait of Poubelle Provocateur – the sultry, dirty, polystyrene-hating walkabout character from Lizzy Hawley. Poubelle is the glamourous sister of Lady Landfill. She has taken over her role raising awareness through thought provoking observation and interaction with and by revellers at this year’s festivals.

Future years will hopefully see Poubelle joined by a growing troop of prurient characters which should help make the socio-environmental issues afflicting today harder to ignore!

Shot and edited: Me.
Costume and Makeup: Lizzy.
Offers of pies and pound coins: Passers by

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So, the day before the apocalypse I started something – capturing one second of each day on digital celluloid.

The next few months look like they’re going to be quite an adventure for me and oneaday will help me record it.  However, this project is as much about reflecting on the day’s where we do something awe-inspiring or exhilarating as it is on the days where not a lot seems to happens.  While everyday is life changing, some are more life changing than others – oneaday will encourage me to get up and do something worthy of a second of my future time on these less life affirming days.

Plus, I’ve got a rubbish memory.

I’ll be posting a compilation of the seconds on here every few weeks as well as longer clips of particularly interesting day and maybe other bits and bobs.

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